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Any contractor can offer rebates for the following improvements, whether they are listed in this database or not: Evaporative Cooling, 95% AFUE Furnaces/Boilers, Mini-Split Heat Pumps, Cellular Shades and tank/tankless Water Heaters.

By participating in any Xcel Energy rebate program, you understand and agree that Xcel Energy is not responsible in any way for your selection of any HVAC or other contractor that will perform work for you, or for the work performed by any contractor you choose. It is solely your decision to choose the appropriate contractor for any work you choose to have done relating to a rebate program. You agree that you will not bring any claim against Xcel Energy relating to any work that any contractor performs, because that arrangement is between you and the contractor only.

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For general questions about Xcel Energy's Colorado residential rebate programs, please call 1-800-895-4999.
To download a copy of the top rebate-producing trade partners, click here.